If you follow me on Instagram, then you know I have a passion for cooking and entertaining. In fact, if I wasn’t an actor I think I would have found my way into culinary school!
I want to introduce you to my good friend, Julie Tanous. She shares my passion for food and actually IS a professional chef. We have such a ball cooking together and I am learning so much from her years of experience. (Not THAT many years…she is pretty young). I didn’t want to leave YOU out of the fun, so naturally, we are creating our own food blog!
Julie and I met at the inaugural LA pop-up dinner for Spring Street Social Society, an organization devoted to bringing "people together in unexpected spaces."
Throughout the night, surrounded by the 60+ young, hip, professionals we were trying to be, Julie and I bonded over our love of cooking, musical theater, and Hedley & Bennett aprons (not to mention Ellen Bennett herself). Needless to say, we became quick friends and we've been cooking and eating together ever since. 
We're both trying to live that ~healthy LA~ lifestyle, so you'll see a lot of "paleo light" recipes on our blog, but of course we're going to throw in our favorite desserts, too! We recommend using organic ingredients (like eggs from happy free roaming chickens) whenever possible, but we also want our recipes to be accessible to everyone… so just follow along on our adventure and enjoy!

- Jesse